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#1 - Preface and To the Reader

Lamentation of a Sinner

Download Preface and To the Reader audio
Download Of an humble confession of sins to the glory of God audio
Download A Lamentation of a Sinner, with a hearty repentance in Faith, to obtain absolution and remission, through the merits of Christ. audio
Download What true Faith worketh in the soul of a Sinner audio
Download Of the great Love of God towards mankind, and of the inward beholding of Christ crucified audio
Download Of the glorious Victories of Christ over all Enemies audio
Download That we ought to submit ourselves to the school of the cross, and still look and learn in the book of the cross audio
Download A Christian bewailing the miserable ignorance and blindness of men audio
Download Of the fruits and rules of true Christianity for men to follow audio
Download Of the fruits of infidelity, and offence of weaklings audio
Download Of carnal gospellers, by whose evil living, God's truth is shamefully slandered audio
Download Of the virtuous properties of God's children, of whom every one attendeth his vocation audio
Download The conclusion, with a Christian exhortation to the amendment of Life audio
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The Lamentation of a Sinner was written in 1544, the year where Parr took on the role of Regent for a number of months when Henry VIII was fighting wars in France. She writes a general (rather than personal) confession of sin and exhortation to holiness. Parr was the first woman to publish a book in English under her own name. (Summary by InTheDesert)

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