Lady Audley's Secret cover

Lady Audley's Secret

Mary Elizabeth Braddon (1837-1915)

1. 01 – Lucy
2. 02 – On Board the Argus
3. 03 – Hidden Relics
4. 04 – In the First Page of ‘The Times’
5. 05 – The Headstone at Ventnor
6. 06 – Anywhere, Anywhere Out of the World
7. 07 – After a Year
8. 08 – Before the Storm
9. 09 – After the Storm
10. 10 – Missing
11. 11 – The Mark Upon My Lady’s Wrist
12. 12 – Still Missing
13. 13 – Troubled Dreams
14. 14 – Phoebe’s Suitor
15. 15 – On the Watch
16. 16 – Robert Audley Gets His Conge
17. 17 – At the Castle Inn
18. 18 – Robert Receives a Visitor Whom He Had Scarcely Expected
19. 19 – The Writing in the Book
20. 20 – Mrs. Plowson
21. 21 – Little Georgey Leaves His Old Home
22. 22 – Coming to a Standstill
23. 23 – Clara
24. 24 – George’s Letters
25. 25 – Retrograde Investigation
26. 26 – So Far and No Farther
27. 27 – Beginning at the Other End
28. 28 – Hidden in the Grave
29. 29 – In the Lime-Walk
30. 30 – Preparing the Ground
31. 31 – Phoebe’s Petition
32. 32 – The Red Light in the Sky
33. 33 – The Bearer of the Tidings
34. 34 – My Lady Tells the Truth
35. 35 – The Hush That Succeeds the Tempest
36. 36 – Doctor Mosgrave’s Advice
37. 37 – Buried Alive
38. 38 – Ghost-Haunted
39. 39 – Restored
40. 40 – At Peace

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Inspired by a true life story, Lady Audley's Secret is the story of a woman's overwhelming ambition and passion for social success. When the first book came out in 1862, Victorian readers were shocked and outraged by its portrayal of aspects like bigamy, insanity, yearning for social status and the will to commit murder to achieve one's goals. The novel belongs to a genre that became very popular during that era. Known as “sensation novels” they can probably be equated to today's pulp fiction. It was received with huge enthusiasm by readers and most critics of the day and the central theme of “accidental bigamy” was a popular one. But the author Mary Elizabeth Braddon took it to new heights, introducing several intriguing twists and turns to the plot. In fact the novel was so successful that it allowed the author to become financially independent for the rest of her life and its publisher to purchase a villa, which he christened Audley Lodge, with the profits gained from sales of this Victorian bestseller! In the story, the young, enchanting, doll like Lucy Graham marries a wealthy old widower, Sir Michael Audley. Not much is known about Lucy by people in the village, except that she was till recently employed as a governess. The couple enjoys a pleasant life together, with every comfort and luxury. Things take a turn when Sir Michael's nephew and heir Robert Audley arrives with news of dear friend of his George Talboys. Talboys who had left England to seek his fortune gold prospecting in Australia is now suffering from a mental breakdown following the apparent death/disappearance of his wife whom he left behind. When Robert and George arrive at Audley Court, they're warmly welcomed by the host, but of the hostess there is no sign. She completely avoids coming into Talboys' presence. Her behavior begins to intrigue Robert and raise his suspicions and he sets out to uncover the mystery. But the truth is far more devastating and disturbing than anybody could imagine. Said to be based on events concerning the real life serial killer Constance Kent which had stunned the nation a few years ago, the book in fact explores many themes of Victorian morality, gender biases, stereotypes about the perfect mother and domestic goddesses who enriched the home and hearth with their innocence and purity. The author Mary Braddon's own controversial personal life and her nonchalant attitude to prevailing morals also piqued readers' imaginations. For modern day readers, Lady Audley's Secret remains a gripping tale of the lust for power and wealth and of a woman's descent into the misery of her own creation.



- So good

Loved the story and couldn’t wait to finish. People are capable of so many atrocities. I know this is fiction but it’s inspired by the cruelty of a young girl who murdered her own brother in cold blood. I highly recommend this book!


- Good book

Good story line, quite enjoyed it although in some instances it was a tad bit difficult to understand the reader, nonetheless it was very interesting.


- Thank you

A very good book and excellent reading


- Lady Audley's Secret

Loved this story! Stayed up late until I finished the book!


Really interesting mystery, did not see the end coming! The reader was also awesome giving each character its own unique voice. Really well done.

thekilt dance

I have listened to this book atlist three times, i arbosolutely love it...i wish i could meet Elizabeth Klett or atlist see her picture, she is a GOOD narrator.


- Loved it!

Enjoyed the book and the narration


- Lady Audley's Secret-August 30, 2015

How wonderful to listen to such a mysterious novel. It would have been Easy to pick the police or the butler (so to speak) as the culprit. And I was intrigued how it did end. Great reading. Recommend to all mystery Lovers.


- Absolutely wonderful

I wrote a thesis on this book and this recording was the thing that first hooked me. Fantastic story with complex characters and a narrator who is absolutely perfect for the part. I especially loved her voice for Lady Audley.


Totally agree with reviewer Kristina. Beautifully narrated, excellent book. 5 stars