Lad: A Dog cover

Lad: A Dog

Albert Payson Terhune (1872-1942)

1. 01 - His Mate
2. 02 - "Quiet!"
3. 03 - A Miracle of Two
4. 04 - His Little Son
5. 05 - For a Bit of Ribbon
6. 06 - Lost!
7. 07 - The Throwback
8. 08 - The Gold Hat
9. 09 - Speaking of Utility
10. 10 - The Killer
11. 11 - Wolf
12. 12 - In the Day of Battle
13. 13 - Afterword

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Lad: A Dog is a 1919 American novel written by Albert Payson Terhune and published by E. P. Dutton. Composed of twelve short stories first published in magazines, the novel is based on the life of Terhune's real-life rough collie, Lad. Born in 1902, the real-life Lad was an unregistered collie of unknown lineage originally owned by Terhune's father. Lad's death in 1918 was mourned by many of the story's fans, particularly children.


Sam R

- The narrator

I just had to say that i really enjoyed the narration of these stories the voice and it is not monotone and the differences between the voices is good he even makes an effort in chapter 3 to voice the baby and the women in clearly feminine voices that are also clearly different.