Kittens and Cats: A Book of Tales cover

Kittens and Cats: A Book of Tales

Eulalie Osgood Grover (1873-1958)

1. The Queen - Granny Gray - Getting ready - I wonder - Ready for the party - A full cart - Time to start - Is my hat on straight - Hiding - An invitation
2. No party for me - I'm off - Being weighed - The party - The commanding officer - The latest news - What is it? - I'll sing you a song - A tale of a mouse - We are the cats - A nurse's tale
3. A famous mouser - A long time ago - A dunce's tale - A tale of three kittens - The kittens three - A rainy-day tale - A tale of London town - A tale I know - A tale of St. Ives - A little fairy's tale - A secret
4. Who was he - A stranger - A sad tale - My own tale - Three tales - A sight to see - A 'fraid-cat's tale - From the North Pole - The twins - Do we look alike - What shall we sing - Waiting
5. Ding Dong Bell - The dining-room - I am so hungry - The Queen's tea-table - Seven little pussy-cats - Many thanks - Good night - The last tale

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This book consists of fifty-two very short fictitious stories about cats and kittens, which have been written for children. Many of the stories have been written by cats and address the queen, many of them are commentaries on well known nursery rhymes, and many of them are both.