Kilmeny of the Orchard cover

Kilmeny of the Orchard

Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942)

1. 01 – The Thoughts of Youth
2. 02 – A Letter of Destiny
3. 03 – The Master of Lindsay School
4. 04 – A Tea Table Conversation
5. 05 – A Phantom of Delight
6. 06 – The Story of Kilmeny
7. 07 – A Rose of Womanhood
8. 08 – At the Gate of Eden
9. 09 – The Straight Simplicity of Eve
10. 10 – A Troubling Of The Waters
11. 11 – The Lover and His Lass
12. 12 – A Prisoner of Love
13. 13 – A Sweeter Woman Ne’er drew Breath
14. 14 – In Her Selfless Mood
15. 15 – An Old, Unhappy, Far-off Thing
16. 16 – David Baker’s Opinion
17. 17 – A Broken Fetter
18. 18 – Neil Gordon Solves His Own Problem
19. 19 – Victor from Vanquished Issues

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Eric Marshall is all that a well brought-up young man should be. Handsome, steadfast, and full of ambition, he is expected to expand the Marshall & Company empire — and to marry a woman suitable to replace his mother in Nova Scotia’s finest circles. When a sick friend asks for a favour, becoming a substitute schoolmaster in the Prince Edward Island countryside seems the perfect post-graduation lark. But when Eric wanders into an old orchard at twilight, his life will be changed forever…



- Kilmeny of the Orchard review

This is a sweet, enjoyable story. It moves at a good pace and holds the listener's interest. It was read by a few readers assigned to different chapters. All speak very clearly and I no problem understanding them. Some did a better job with using varied tone inflections and voices than others but I'm always thankful when I can understand the whole book and not miss anything due to a poor narration. I recommend this book.