Key Out of Time (version 2) cover

Key Out of Time (version 2)

Andre Norton (1912-2005)

1. Lotus World
2. Lair of Mano-Nui
3. The Ancient Mariners
4. Storm Menace
5. Time Wrecked
6. Loketh the Useless
7. Witch's Meat
8. The Free Rovers
9. Battle Test
10. Death at Kyn Add
11. Weapon from the Depths
12. Baldies
13. The Sea Gate of the Foanna
14. The Foanna
15. Return to the Battle
16. The Opening of the Great Door
17. Shades Against Shadows
18. World in Doubt?

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    Time Agents Ross Murdock and Gordon Ashe return for another assignment, this time to the tropical island paradise planet of Hawaika. Something apocalyptic has occurred in this planet’s history, altering its topography and cleansing it of all intelligent life. But something goes wrong when they attempt a peek at the past through a Time Gate, and with the Polynesian girl Karara and her trained dolphins Tino-rau and Taua, are plunged into a conflict between a dying super-race, barbarian natives, and invading aliens.



    - Great story

    Please use version 2, however, read by the superb reader Mark Nelson, where the audio quality is pretty much perfect. As the other reviewer rightly says, the first version is horrible and unlistenable.

    Key out of Time

    - Time travel

    The sound quality is horrible! There is some kind of shrill whistling or mechanical noise.