Kabumpo in Oz cover

Kabumpo in Oz

Ruth Plumly Thompson (1891-1976)

1. 00 - Introduction
2. 01 - The Exploding Birthday Cake
3. 02 - Picking a Proper Princess
4. 03 - Kabumpo and Pompa Disappear
5. 04 - The Curious Cottabus Appears
6. 05 - In the City of The Figure Heads
7. 06 - Ruggedo's History in Six Rocks
8. 07 - Sir Hokus and the Giants
9. 08 - Woe in the Emerald City
10. 09 - Mixed Magic Makes Mischief
11. 10 - Peg and Wag to the Rescue
12. 11 - The King of the Illumi Nation
13. 12 - The Delicious Sea of Soup
14. 13 - On the Road to Ev
15. 14 - Terror in Ozma's Palace
16. 15 - The Sand Man Takes a Hand
17. 16 - Kabumpo Vanquishes the Twigs
18. 17 - Meeting the Runaway Country
19. 18 - Prince Pompadore Proposes
20. 19 - Ozma Takes Things in Hand
21. 20 - The Proper Princess is Found!
22. 21 - How It All Came About
23. 22 - Ruggedo 's Last Rock

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Dear children: Do you like Elephants? Do you believe in Giants? And do you love all the jolly people of the Wonderful Land of Oz? Well then you'll want to hear about the latest happenings in that delightful Kingdom. All are set forth in true Oz fashion in "Kabumpo in Oz," the sixteenth Oz book. Kabumpo is an Elegant Elephant. He is very old and wise, and has a kindly heart, as have all the Oz folks. In the new book you'll meet Prince Pompa, and Peg Amy, a charming Wooden Doll. There are new countries, strange adventures and the most surprising Box of Magic you have ever heard of. Ruggedo , the wicked old Gnome King, does a lot of mischief with this before Princess Ozma can stop him. Of course Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Scraps, Glinda the Good, Tik-Tok, and other old friends all are alive and busy in the new book. I am just back from the Emerald City with the best of Oz wishes for everybody, but especially you. Philadelphia Spring of 1922 Ruth Plumly Thompson