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1 - Act 1


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A cheque has been issued for nine pounds but someone has changed it to ninety in the hopes of claiming the money. But who is responsible? Will one man's confession bring us to the truth, or is he covering for someone else? (by Michele Eaton)

Cast List

Stage Directions: michaelmaggs
Robert Cokeson: algypug
Ruth Honeywill: anbsweet13
Walter How: reecedawg
Cowley: shawn510
William Falder, O'Cleary: rhelfmann
Sweedle: adr6090
James How: silverquill
Wister, Mr Justice Floyd,Moaney: alanmapstone
Hector Frome: wiltedscribe
Harold Cleaver: pschempf
Foreman of the jury: ooothatsnifty
Clerk of assize, Instructor: salvationist
Wooder: sonoftheexiles
Rev Hugh Miller: adrianstephens
Edward Clement: karsus
Captain Danson the governor: toddhw
Clifton: pyledriver

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