Just William (version 2) cover

Just William (version 2)

Richmal Crompton (1890-1969)

1. William Goes to the Pictures
2. William the Intruder
3. William Below Stairs
4. The Fall of the Idol
5. The Show
6. A Question of Grammar
7. William Joins the Band of Hope
8. The Outlaws
9. William and White Satin
10. William’s New Year’s Day
11. The Best Laid Plans
12. Jumble

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    Just William is the first book of hilarious short stories about 11-year-old William Brown -- eternally scruffy and frowning. William's family, his elder sister Ethel and brother Robert, placid mother and stern father, and never-ending supply of elderly aunts, cannot understand him. William just likes DOING things, that's all! It's not his fault he likes DOING things, is it?



    Very entertaining.