John James Audubon cover

John James Audubon

John Burroughs (1837-1921)

1. 0 – Preface and Chronology
2. 1 – Chapter I
3. 2 – Chapter II
4. 3 – Chapter III, Part 1
5. 4 – Chapter III, Part 2
6. 5 – Chapter IV
7. 6 – Chapter V

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Audubon’s life naturally divides itself into three periods: his youth, which was on the whole a gay and happy one, and which lasted till the time of his marriage at the age of twenty-eight; his business career which followed, lasting ten or more years, and consisting mainly in getting rid of the fortune his father had left him; and his career as an ornithologist which, though attended with great hardships and privations, brought him much happiness and, long before the end, substantial pecuniary rewards.