Jesus of Nazareth: The Story of His Life Simply Told cover

Jesus of Nazareth: The Story of His Life Simply Told

Mother Mary Loyola (1845-1930)

1. Prefatory Note
2. 'Who Art Thou Lord?'
3. On Trial
4. The Promised One
5. A Joyful Surprise
6. Holy Mary
7. Holy Mother of God
8. Mary's Song
9. The First Christmas Night
10. In the Temple
11. The Star in the East
12. Jesus of Nazareth
13. In the Temple Again
14. The Hidden Life
15. Palestine and its People
16. The Banks of Jordan
17. In the Desert
18. The First Disciples
19. Galilee
20. The Court of the Gentiles
21. At Jacob's Well
22. A Sabbath at Nazareth
23. 'His Own City'
24. 'We have seen wonderful things to-day.'
25. The Twelve
26. The Sermon on the Mount
27. 'Who went about doing good'
28. 'Never man spake like this man'
29. 'Talitha Cumi!'
30. A Holiday
31. 'Will you also go away?'
32. 'Lord, help me!'
33. At Caesarea Philippi
34. With the Children
35. With the Twelve
36. With His Friends
37. The Beginning of the End
38. 'Jerusalem! Jerusalem!'
39. The Night in which He was Betrayed.
40. 'It is Finished'
41. 'Jesus Christ Yesterday, To-day, and the Same For Ever'
42. This Jesus shall so come as you has seen Him going into Heaven

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The study of Our Lord’s life is something very precious to all souls devoted to living a Christian life, according to the Gospels. By learning about Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and His life on earth, we learn how to love Him and to serve Him, as He wills. This is a beautiful book that familiarizes the reader with Christ, Jesus of Nazareth. We will see Our Lord in His proper Geography and learn how history and culture added to the details of His precious and private life. This story of Our Lord’s life will help us understand how the prophecies were foreshadowed and fulfilled. These things are supported by the Biblical Quotations and references, chosen by the author.