Inventions Of The Great War cover

Inventions Of The Great War

Alexander Russell Bond (1876-1937)

1. Preface
2. Chapter 1 The War In And Under The Ground
3. Chapter 2 Hand-Grenades And Trench Mortars
4. Chapter 3 Guns That Fire Themselves
5. Chapter 4 Guns And Super-Guns
6. Chapter 5 The Battle Of The Chemists
7. Chapter 6 Tanks
8. Chapter 7 The War In The Air
9. Chapter 8 Ships That Sail The Skies
10. Chapter 9 Getting The Range
11. Chapter 10 Talking In The Sky
12. Chapter 11 Warriors Of The Paint-Brush
13. Chapter 12 Submarines
14. Chapter 13 Getting The Best Of The U-Boat
15. Chapter 14 "Devil's Eggs"
16. Chapter 15 Surface Boats
17. Chapter 16 Reclaiming The Victims Of Submarines

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“… this war was not one of mere destruction. It set men to thinking as they had never thought before. It intensified their inventive faculties, and as a result, the world is richer in many ways. Lessons of thrift and economy have been taught us. Manufacturers have learned the value of standardization. The business man has gained an appreciation of scientific research. The whole story is too big to be contained within the covers of a single book, but I have selected the more important and interesting inventions and have endeavored to describe them in simple language for the benefit of the reader who is not technically trained.” Bond was the sometime editor of Scientific American magazine. ( Book Preface, David Wales)