Instructions to Light Keepers cover

Instructions to Light Keepers

United States Lighthouse Board

1. General Instructions to All Light Keepers
2. Care of Lights and Their Appurtenances
3. Funck Lard-Oil Float-Lamp; Funck Mineral-Oil Float-Lamp; Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth-Order Lights
4. Instructions to Keepers of Light-Ships
5. Use and Management of Fog Signals
6. Siren; Steam-Whistle; Stevens Fog-Bell; Andersons Hand Fog-Signal
7. Instructions for Painting; Recipes; Allowances of Provisions

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    "Office of the Light-House Board, Washington, D.C. July 1, 1881. The following Instructions are published for the guidance of light-keepers. They are required to read them carefully and attentively, and to refer to them whenever they are any doubt in regard to their duties or the manner of performing them. Each keeper and assistant keeper will be furnished with a copy, to be kept and used at the light-stations where they are employed; to be handed over to their successors when they are relieved or discharged or left at the light-stations in case there should be no successors. By order of the Light-House Board." ( from introductory notice to book)