Infelicia cover


Adah Isaacs Menken (1835-1868)

1. Resurgam
2. Dreams of Beauty
3. My Heritage
4. Judith
5. Working and Waiting
6. The Release
7. In Vain
8. Venetia
9. The Ship that Went Down
10. Battle of the Stars
11. Myself
12. Into the Depths
13. Sale of Souls
14. One Year Ago
15. Genius
16. Drifts that Bar My Door
17. Aspiration
18. Miserimus
19. A Memory
20. Hemlock in the Furrows
21. Hear, O Israel!
22. Where the Flocks Shall Be Led
23. Pro Patria
24. 'Karazah' to 'Karl'
25. A Fragment
26. The Autograph on the Soul
27. Adelina Patti
28. Dying
29. Saved
30. Answer Me
31. Wounded
32. Infelix

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    Adah Isaacs Menken's short life was full and eventful. Probably born in the American South, she travelled, wrote journalism, became famous as an actress, successfully navigated press scandals about her private life and wrote poetry. This volume collects her poems, which explore, among other things, Judaism, the position of women in society and contemporary events such as the American Civil War. By turns introspective and ferocious, her poetry is as varied and fresh as it was when first published.