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In School and Out; The Conquest of Richard Grant

Download Richard Grant and Friend get into an awful Scrape. audio
Download Richard jumps out of the Frying-pan into the Fire. audio
Download Richard finds that no Chastening seemeth joyous. audio
Download Richard makes a tremendous Sensation at Woodville. audio
Download Richard is determined to be revenged. audio
Download Richard gives another Illustration of Sleep-walking. audio
Download Richard kindles a Fire. audio
Download Richard beholds how great a Matter a little Fire kindleth. audio
Download Richard goes to the Tunbrook Military Institute. audio
Download Richard learns the meaning of Right About Face. audio
Download Richard goes through the Drill, and has a set-to in the Grove. audio
Download Richard does a ''Big Thing'' and takes the Consequences. audio
Download Richard listens to a Homily on Fighting, and spends the Night in the Guard House. audio
Download Richard does Guard Duty, and is captured by an Enemy. audio
Download Richard finds himself in the Hands of the Regulators. audio
Download Richard becomes First Sergeant of Company D. audio
Download Richard gives the Tunbrookers a Lesson in Boating. audio
Download Richard wins another Race, and Tunbrook is mutinous. audio
Download Richard is determined, and some Allusion is made to ''Watermelons.'' audio
Download Richard Visits Green Island, and the Regulators consider their Plans. audio
Download Richard annihilates the Regulators, and the Story is concluded. audio

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The second volume of the Woodville Stories contains the experience of Richard Grant, "in school and out." We are sorry to say that Richard had become a bad boy, and was in the habit of getting into the most abominable scrapes, some of which are detailed in the first chapters of this book. But he is not what is sometimes called a vicious boy, for he has many good qualities, which redeem him from absolute condemnation. There is something noble in his character, which is the germ of his ultimate salvation from the sins which so easily beset him. The third book in the Woodville series is Watch and Wait; The Young Fugitives. Summary by Book Preface

Woodville Series:
Rich and Humble; or, The Mission of Bertha Grant
In School and Out; or, The Conquest of Richard Grant
Watch and Wait; or, The Young Fugitives
Work and Win; or, Noddy Newman on a Cruise
Hope and Have; or, Fanny Grant Among the Indians
Haste and Waste; or, The Young Pilot of Lake Champlain

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