In League With Israel cover

In League With Israel

Annie F. Johnston (1863-1931)

1. Prologue & The Rabbi's Protege
2. On to Chattanooga
3. The Sunrise Service on "Lookout"
4. An Epworth Jew
5. "Trust"
6. Two Turnings in Bethany's Lane
7. Judge Hallam's Daughter, Stenographer
8. A Kindling Interest
9. A Junior Takes It in Hand
10. The Deaconess's Story
11. "Yom Kippur"
12. Dr. Trent
13. A Little Prodigal
14. Herzenruhe
15. On Christmas Eve
16. A "Watch-Night" Consecration
17. Silent Keys

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When Bethany Hallam travels to Chattanooga for the League Conference, she meets David Herschel, who challenges her thinking and changes her views about her missionary obligations to God's "chosen people." ( Esther ben Simonides)