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#1 - Introduction

Imaginary Conversations (Dramatic Reading)

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Download Tiberius and Vipsania audio
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Download Joseph Scaliger and Montaigne audio
Download Boccaccio and Petrarca audio
Download Metellus and Marius audio
Download Bossuet and The Duchess De Fontanges audio
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Download Oliver Cromwell and Walter Noble audio
Download Lord Brooke and Sir Philip Sidney audio
Download Southey and Porson audio
Download The Abbe Delille and Walter Landor audio
Download Diogenes and Plato audio
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Download David Hume and John Home audio
Download Alfieri and Salomon the Florentine Jew audio
Download Rousseau and Malesherbes audio
Download Lucullus and Caesar audio
Download Epicurus, Leontion and Ternissa Part 1 audio
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This is a group of Imaginary Conversations by Walter Savage Landor. It is a series of dialogues of historical and mythical characters. Marcellus and Hannibal, Queen Elizabeth and Cecil, Peter the Great and Alexis, Louis XIV and Father La Chaise, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn are just a few of the delights on offer. Plenty to choose from and some great reads. - Summary by Michele Eaton

Cast List:
Landor: pjmorgan
Marcellus: SirQueezle
Hannibal: bala
The Surgeon: CharlieOldfield
Gaulish Chieftain: ToddHW
Elizabeth: pjmorgan
Cecil: Martin Geeson
Tiberius: Joseph Tabler
Vipsania: Libby Gohn
Epictetus: Joseph Tabler
Seneca: MaryAnn
Peter the Great: ToddHW
Alexis: Ashur Gharavi
Chancellor: CharlieOldfield
Louis XlV: ToddHW
Father La Chaise: Larry Wilson
Henry Vlll: CharlieOldfield
Anne Boleyn: Availle
Joseph Scaliger: ismailuser55
Montaigne: AlanW
Old Woman: [Michele Eaton]( 7026 )
Boccaccio: ismailuser55
Petrarca: [Michele Eaton]( 7026 )
Amadeo: AlanW
Metellus: Brett G. Hirsch
Marius: AlanW
Bossuet: Larry Wilson
Duchess De Fontanges: Sarah Terry
John of Gaunt: Michael6230
Joanna of Kent: Amanda Friday
Lady Lisle: Frances Brown
Elizabeth Gaunt: Elizabeth Klett
Empress Catharine: Amanda Friday
Princess Dashkof: Sarah Terry
Leofric: ToddHW
Godiva: Savannah
Bishop: David Olson
Essex : Jack Albert
Spenser: Michele Eaton
William Wallace:Zee Martin
King Edward 1: Brett G. Hirsch
Archbishop Boulter: [Kathrine Engan]( 7510 )
Philip Savage: Tomas Peter
Lord Bacon: Michele Eaton
Richard Hooker: MaryAnn
General Lacy: TriciaG
Cura Merino: Mike Harris
Oliver Cromwell: Michael6230
Walter Noble: Tomas Peter
Lord Brooke: MaryAnn
Sir Philip Sidney: Tomas Peter
Southey: MaryAnn
Porson: Michele Eaton
Abbe Delille: Michael6230
Walter Landor: TriciaG
Diogenes: Larry Wilson
Plato: SirQueezle
Barrow: MaryAnn
Newton: inflected
Scipio: Michele Eaton
Polybius: TriciaG
Panaetius: MaryAnn
David Hume: Tomas Peter
John Home: Nicholas Rao
Alfieri: Michele Eaton
Salomon : Brett G. Hirsch
Rousseau: Tomas Peter
Malesherbes: Michele Eaton
Lucullus: TriciaG
Caesar: Brett G. Hirsch
Epicurus: Ted Delorme
Leontion: pjmorgan
Ternissa: Kristin Gjerløw
Father: David Olson
Daughter: Availle
Marcus Tullius: Michele Eaton
Quinctus Cicero: TriciaG

BC, Editor, Narrator: [Michele Eaton]( 7026 )
Editor, PL: Kim
Editor, PL: [Kathrine Engan]( 7510 )
PL: Linette Geisel

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