Idle Days in Patagonia cover

Idle Days in Patagonia

William H. Hudson (1841-1922)

1. At Last, Patagonia!
2. How I became an Idler
3. Valley of the Black River
4. Aspects of the Valley
5. A Dog in Exile
6. The War with Nature
7. Life in Patagonia
8. Snow, and the Quality of Whiteness
9. Idle Days
10. Bird Music in South America
11. Sight in Savages
12. Concerning Eyes
13. The Plains of Patagonia
14. The Perfume of an Evening Primrose

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Hudson traveled to Patagonia to study the birds, but shortly upon arrival accidentally shot himself in the knee, requiring a lengthy period of idleness to recover, hence the title of the book. It's not just a work of ornithology, but a personal memoir of the people and natural history of Patagonia.