Hymns of the Early Church cover

Hymns of the Early Church

John Brownlie (1857-1925)

1. Historical Introduction
2. Sundays and Weekdays: Die, dierum principe
3. Sundays and Weekdays: O nata lux de lumine
4. Sundays and Weekdays: Tu Trinitatis Unitas
5. Sundays and Weekdays: Deus Creator omnium
6. Sundays and Weekdays: O Deus, ego amo Te, nec
7. Sundays and Weekdays: Lucis Creator optime
8. Sundays and Weekdays: Aurora jam spargit polum
9. Sundays and Weekdays: Jesu, dulcis memoria
10. Sundays and Weekdays: O Deus, Ego Amo Te, Nam Prior Tu Amasti Me
11. Sundays and Weekdays: Te lucis ante terminum
12. Sundays and Weekdays: Jam meta noctis transiit
13. Sundays and Weekdays: Labente jam solis rotâ
14. Sundays and Weekdays: Splendor Paternæ gloriæ
15. Sundays and Weekdays: Salvator mundi, Domine
16. Sundays and Weekdays: Christe, lumen perpetuum
17. Sundays and Weekdays: Nox atra rerum contegit
18. Sundays and Weekdays: Jam lucis orto sidere
19. Sundays and Weekdays: Jam sol recedit igneus
20. Advent: Christe, precamur annue
21. Advent: In noctis umbra desides
22. Advent: Veni, Veni, Emmanuel!
23. Christmas: Nato nobis Salvatore
24. Christmas: Puer natus in Bethlehem
25. Christmas: Heu! quid jaces stabulo
26. Christmas: Quicumque christum quæritis
27. Epiphany: Jesu, nostra Redemptio
28. Epiphany: Dei canamus gloriam
29. Epiphany: Deus-Homo, Rex cœlorum
30. Passion Week: Vexilla Regis prodeunt
31. Passion Week: Pange, lingua, gloriosi, prœlium
32. Passion Week: Lustra sex qui jam peregit
33. Passion Week: Crux ave benedicta
34. Passion Week: Horæ de Passione d. n. Jesu Christi
35. Passion Week: Tu qui velatus facie
36. Passion Week: Hora qui ductus tertia
37. Passion Week: Crucem pro nobis subiit
38. Passion Week: Beata Christi passio
39. Passion Week: Qui jacuisti mortuus
40. Easter: Finita jam sunt prælia
41. Easter: Plaudite, cœli
42. Easter: Mortis portis fractis
43. Easter: Alleluia, dulce carmen
44. Ascension: Æterne Rex altissime
45. Ascension: Postquam hostem et inferna
46. Ascension: Cœlos ascendit hodie
47. Ascension: O Christe, qui noster poli
48. Whitsuntide: Veni, Creator Spiritus
49. Whitsuntide: Veni, Sancte Spiritus
50. Whitsuntide: O fons amoris, Spiritus
51. Trinity: Tu Trinitatis unitas
52. Trinity: O Pater Sancte, mitis atque pie
53. Trinity: Adesto, Sancta Trinitas
54. All Saints: Pugnate, Christe milites
55. All Saints: Audi nos, Rex Christe
56. Communion: Eja O dulcis anima
57. Communion: O Esca viatorum
58. Communion: Jesu, dulcedo cordium
59. Communion: Verbum supernum prodiens
60. Death and Judgement: Gravi me terrore pulsas
61. Death and Judgement: Appropinquat enim dies
62. Heaven: Jerusalem luminosa
63. Heaven: Urbs beata Hierusalem (Part I.)
64. Heaven: Urbs beata Hierusalem (Part II.)

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This collection of hymns have been translated from the poetry to the Latin church, arranged in the order of the Christian year. "This volume is intended for hours of devotion, and the vast storehouse of sacred poetry of the Latin Church has been put under tribute to supply the material," writes the author, Reverend John Brownlie, in the preface. The collection includes hymns for Christmas, Easter, All Saints' Day, Advent, and more.