Household Puzzles cover

Household Puzzles

Pansy (1841-1930)

1. "Split Things"
2. Raisins
3. Two Peters
4. Theory
5. A Sermon
6. Smoke and Bewilderment
7. "What Is the Difference?"
8. Mourning and Dressmaking
9. Debts and Doubts
10. Light Without Logic
11. Mistakes--Great and Small
12. Weighty Matters in Small Scales
13. Practical Arithmetic
14. Sentiment and Dust
15. Ways and Means
16. Puzzling People
17. Opposing Elements
18. The Force of Argument
19. Real or Imitation?
20. A Protector
21. A Puzzling Discussion
22. Light
23. A Discussion Closed
24. Theology in the Kitchen
25. God's Mystery of Grace
26. Laces and Duty
27. Storm and "Moonshine"
28. A New Start

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Household Puzzles peeks into the life of the Randolph family, four daughters and one son. They are financially strapped but must follow societal expectations . . . and the expectations of Helen, the eldest daughter, who is a slave to the whims of society. Half the family are professing Christians, but only the father really lives it out. Helen's marriage, Tom's job in a saloon, their cousin's visit, and other events all have an impact that reverberate through the family. (Intro by TriciaG)