The Hollow Needle: Further Adventures of Arsène Lupin cover

The Hollow Needle: Further Adventures of Arsène Lupin

Maurice Leblanc (1864-1941)

1. 01 – The Shot
2. 02 – Isidore Beautrelet, Sixth-form Schoolboy
3. 03 – The Corpse
4. 04 – Face to Face
5. 05 – On The Track
6. 06 – An Historic Secret
7. 07 – The Treatise of the Needle
8. 08 – From Caesar to Lupin
9. 09 – Open, Seasme!
10. 10 – The Treasures of the Kings of France

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Arsène Lupin returns in a wonderful story of disguises, love, and of course treasure. Once again, Lupin crosses paths with the famous Holmlock Shears. But this time Arsène matches wits with Isidore Beautrelet, Sixth-form Schoolboy. Every step that Lupin takes has Beautrelet right on his heels. Has Lupin finally met his match? Will Beautrelet discover the secret of the Hollow Needle? And has the gentleman burglar met another match as well, one who will lead him away from his life of crime forever?



- the hollow needle

such an exciting book. the readers were fantastic. not the ending i was hoping for


- Hollow Needle

Like the twists and turns that prompt discussion of life, events and places during Early 1900