Historic Girlhoods Volume 1 cover

#1 - St. Catherine The Girl of Siena: 1347-1380

Historic Girlhoods Volume 1

Download St. Catherine The Girl of Siena: 1347-1380 audio
Download Joan of Arc The Girl of Domremy: 1412-1431 audio
Download Vittoria Colonna The Girl of Ischia: 1490-1547 audio
Download Catherine de' Medici The Girl of Mediæval Italy: 1519-1589 audio
Download Lady Jane Grey The Girl of Tudor England: 1537-1554 audio
Download Mary Queen of Scots The Girl of the French Court: 1542-1587 audio
Download Pocahontas The Girl of the Virginia Woods: 1595-1617 audio
Download Priscilla Alden The Girl of Plymouth: About 1604—after 1680 audio
Download Catherine the Great The Girl of Stettin: 1729-1796 audio
Download Fanny Burney The Girl of London: 1752-1840 audio
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Biographical sketches of ten girls who became famous before becoming women - some not even making it to womanhood. From Joan of Arc to Catherine d'Medici; from Catherine the Great to Pocohontas. These inspirational stories will be of interest to young people and show what determination and luck can achieve. - Summary by Lynne Thompson

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