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His Master's Voice

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This is a follow up story to Randal Garrett's original story, A Spaceship Named McGyer. The intrepid protagonist, now that he has become the completely unintended and unwilling master of the robot spaceship McGyer, is called in by the owners, very reluctantly. to see if he can help their experts fix the problem. Since he is the only human McGyer will listen to they must have him there to get the ship to comply with any request at all. But there are rival corporations that wish the ship and the project, robot spaceships, to fail so he is indeed in great danger. But the real question of this story revolves around Asimov's three laws of robotics and the messy problems of how to define a human being. That can get very messy indeed. Enjoy another fascinating story by Randall Garrett. - Summary by Phil chenevert

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