Her Dark Inheritance cover

Her Dark Inheritance

Mrs. E. Burke Collins (1848-1902)

1. A Dark Night's Secret
2. Her Fairy Prince
3. Like a Thief in the Night
4. A Mad Passion
5. On the Eve of Departure
6. Her Oath
7. Betrothed
8. A Strange Command
9. Just in Time
10. An Old Man's Secret
11. Serena's First Love Letter
12. An Unpleasant Surprise
13. Serena's Game
14. Complications
15. Betrothed
16. A Midnight Interview
17. Serena Succeeds
18. How the Secret is Told
19. Beatrix Hears the Secret
20. Worse Than Death
21. The Next Day
22. Sister Angela
23. Serena's New Scheme
24. An Unexpected Declaration
25. How the Game Was Played
26. A Well Laid Plot
27. Keith Hears the News
28. Beatrix Sees the Game
29. Serena's Failure
30. A Threat
31. A Noble Love
32. A Death Bed
33. In Deadly Peril
34. A Martyr
35. How the News Was Received
36. All's Well

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A story of obsessive love and desperation that hid many secrets. This cliffhanger will keep you guessing until the very end.