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#1 - Book 1 Chapter 1

Henrietta Volume 1 (Dramatic Reading)

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Henrietta is a strong willed young lady who will not give in to her aunt and marry the suitors she proposes. She runs away and adventure ensues. However she meets one young man who she is quite taken with but he does not share all about himself and Henrietta finds herself in some tricky situations. (Summary by Michele Eaton)
This LibriVox audiobook is a dramatic reading of volume 1 of this book.
Cast list:
Henrietta Courteney (Clelia): Michele Eaton
Miss Woodby (Celinda): Amanda Friday
Mrs Eccles: Victoria P
Lady Manning: Elizabeth Klett
Coachman, Chaplain and Earl Courtney: tovarisch
Tall Lean Woman: Arielle Lipshaw
Fat Jolly Woman, Mrs Willis and Servant Girl: ElleyKat
Grave Man and First Officer: Kevin W. Davidson
Young Man on the Coach, Mr Damer, Young Lord and Young Mr Courteney: ToddHW
Old Gentlewoman, Old Woman Nurse and Miss Carlton (Henrietta's Mother): Patti Cunningham
Second Officer and Isaac Darby: Ric F
Mrs Carlton (Henrietta's Grandmother): Lynne Thompson
Lady Meadows: CaprishaPage
Mrs White and Mrs Damer: Kristin Gjerløw
Young Mr Damer: bala
Narrator Book 1 (except chapter 6) and Chapter 1 of Book 2: Loveday
Narrator Book 2 (except chapter 1) and Chapter 6 of Book 1: KHand

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