Harper's Young People, Vol. 01, Issue 33, June 15, 1880 cover

#1 - Charley's Balloon Voyage; A Manly Boy

Harper's Young People, Vol. 01, Issue 33, June 15, 1880

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Download Cambridge Series of Information Cards for Schools audio
Download The Moral Pirates: Chapter III audio
Download The Big-Dog's Lesson; The Carpenter's Sermon audio
Download The Story of George Washington: Chapter X; An Indian Game; Ship-Building audio
Download Living Honey-Combs; Beauties of the Under-Ground World audio
Download A Well-Meaning Little Busybody; Two Little Sun-Bonnets; Voyage of the Paper Dolls audio
Download Puzzles from Young Contributors; Answers to Puzzles in No. 30; Advertisements; The Ibex; Old Scottish Coins; The Stump Puzzle; Double Acrostic Charade audio
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Harper's Young People is an illustrated weekly publication for children that includes short stories, tales from history, natural history, poetry, puzzles, and other fun. This 33rd issue of the serial was published on June 15th, 1880. In this issue, the journey of the captain and crew of the Whitewing continues in the third part of "The Moral Pirates", "The Story of George Washington" concludes with the death and legacy of America's first president, and young Harry Mason discovers the intelligence of ants in "Living Honey-Combs". Other highlights of this issue include the story of a boy on a runaway hot air balloon ride; the tale of an unusual trio who take an unexpected but surprisingly pleasurable ocean cruise; and an exploration of some of the wonderful caverns of the world. This periodical was published by Harper & Brothers, known today for their publications Harper's Bazaar and Harper's Magazine. - Summary by Jill Engle

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