Audiobook: Gwen Wynn - A Romance of the Wye

Gwen Wynn - A Romance of the Wye cover

Gwen Wynn - A Romance of the Wye

1 - 01 - Volume One, Chapter 1: The Heroine


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Gwendoline Wynn, our heroine, is an orphan-heiress who lives on the river Wye. She will live with aunt until she comes of age and her money. Vivian Ryecroft, our hero and a captain in the Hussars, is on a leave of absence in Herefordshire, salmon fishing on the Wye. Gwen and Vivian have a chance, and brief, encounter on the Wye, and Vivian is enchanted. Will our hero and heroine find love? Will it last? [Summary by Ann Boulais]

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