Guide to Modern Cookery (Le Guide Culinaire) Part I: Fundamental Elements cover

Guide to Modern Cookery (Le Guide Culinaire) Part I: Fundamental Elements

Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935)

1. Preface
2. Chapter I pt 1: Fonds de Cuisine
3. Chapter I pt 2: Fonds de Cuisine
4. Chapter II: The Leading Warm Sauces
5. Chapter III pt 1: The Small Compound Sauces
6. Chapter III pt 2: The Small Compound Sauces
7. Chapter IV: Cold Sauces and Compound Butters
8. Chapter V: Savoury Jellies or Aspics
9. Chapter VI: The Court-Bouillons and the Marinades
10. Chapter VII pt 1: Elementary Preparations
11. Chapter VII pt 2: Elementary Preparations
12. Chapter VIII: The Various Garnishes for Soups
13. Chapter IX: Garnishing Preparations for Relevees and Entrees
14. Chapter X pt 1: Leading Culinary Operations
15. Chapter X pt 2: Leading Culinary Operations
16. Chapter X pt 3: Leading Culinary Operations
17. Chapter X pt 4: Leading Culinary Operations
18. Chapter X pt 5: Leading Culinary Operations
19. Chapter X pt 6: Leading Culinary Operations

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Le Guide Culinaire can be regarded as the ‘Bible’ of modern cooking. It was Escoffier's attempt to codify and streamline the French restaurant food of the day. The original text was printed for the use of professional chefs and kitchen staff; Escoffier's introduction to the first edition explains his intention that the book be used toward the education of the younger generation of cooks. This usage of the book still holds today; many culinary schools still use it as their core textbook. The book overall is 900 pages long and contains over 2500 recipes. Part 1 is 120 pages long and describes the basic principles and techniques required for the chef, including descriptions of more than 250 recipes and preparations.