Grimm Tales Made Gay cover

Grimm Tales Made Gay

Guy Wetmore Carryl

1. 01 – How the Babes in the Wood Showed They Couldn’t be Beaten
2. 02 – How Fair Cinderella Disposed of Her Shoe
3. 03 – How Little Red Riding Hood Came to be Eaten
4. 04 – How the Fatuous Wish of a Peasant Came True
5. 05 – How Hop O’My Thumb got rid of an Onus
6. 06 – How the Helpmate of Blue Beard made free with a door
7. 07 – How Rumplestilz Held Out in Vain for a Bonus
8. 08 – How Jack Made the Giants Uncommonly Sore
9. 09 – How Rudeness and Kindness Were Justly Rewarded
10. 10 – How Beauty Contrived to Get Square with the Beast
11. 11 – How a Fair One no Hope to His Highness Accorded
12. 12 – How Thomas a Maid from a Dragon Released
13. 13 – How a Beauty was Waked and Her Suitor was Suited
14. 14 – How Jack Found that Beans May go Back on a Chap
15. 15 – How a Cat Was Annoyed and a Poet Was Booted
16. 16 – How Much Fortunatus Could Do with a Cap
17. 17 – How a Princess Was Wooed from Habitual Sadness
18. 18 – How a Girl was too Reckless of Grammar by Far
19. 19 – How the Peaceful Aladdin Gave Way to His Madness
20. 20 – How a Fisherman Corked up His Foe in a Jar – Envoi

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A comic rendering in verse of well-loved Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, each ending with a moral and full of puns. The titles of the tales themselves make another verse.