Great Men and Famous Women, Vol. 3 cover

#1 - Moses by Henry George

Great Men and Famous Women, Vol. 3

Download Moses by Henry George audio
Download David King of Israel by Margaret E Sangster audio
Download Solomon by Reverend Charles F Deems audio
Download Lycurgus by Reverend Joseph T Duryea audio
Download Demosthenes by E Benjamin Andrews audio
Download Aristotle by Fenelon audio
Download Archimedes by John Timbs audio
Download Marcus Tullius Cicero by Reverend W J Brodribb audio
Download St Ambrose by Reverend A Lambing audio
Download St Augustine of Hippo by James Cardinal Gibbons audio
Download St Patrick by Reverend G F Maclear audio
Download Justinian the Great audio
Download St Augustine of Canterbury by Right Reverend Henry Codman Potter audio
Download Alfred the Great by Sir J Bernard Burke audio
Download John Huss Reverend Dr Tweedy audio
Download Louis XI of France by E Spencer Biesly audio
Download Isabella of Castile by Sarah H Killikelly audio
Download Nicholas Copernicus by John Stoughton audio
Download Charles V of Germany audio
Download John Knox by P Hume Brown audio
Download Elizabeth Queen of England by Samuel L Knapp audio
Download Francis Bacon by Honourable Ignatius Donelly audio
Download Cardinal Richelieu audio
Download William Bradford by Elbridge S Brooks audio
Download Charles I of England by F Hindes Groome audio
Download Oliver Cromwell by Lord Macaulay audio
Download Frederick the Great Elector audio
Download Louis XIV by Oliver Optic audio

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A collection of writings about a variety of men and women from history who were some of the most prominent people around at the time. Alfred the Great, Aristotle, Francis Bacon, Elizabeth Queen of England, Isabella of Castile are just some of the contenders. This is volume three of eight volumes. (Summary by Michele Eaton)

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