Gossip In The First Decade Of Victoria's Reign cover

Gossip In The First Decade Of Victoria's Reign

John Ashton (1834-1911)

1. Preface
2. Chapter 1 1837 The Queen's Accession, Funeral Of The King, etc
3. Ch 2 1837 Thames Tunnel Flooded, First Mention Of The Nelson Column, etc
4. Ch 3 1838 Destruction Of The Royal Exchange, Sale Of The Salvage, etc
5. Ch 4 1838 Lords and Pugilists, "Penny Gaffs," etc
6. Ch 5 1838 Thom The Religious Fanatic, His Riots And Death, etc
7. Ch 6 1838 The Queen's Coronation, The Carriages, etc
8. Ch 7 1838 Genesis Of The "Charter," London And North-Western Railway, etc
9. Ch 8 1839 Death Of Lord Norbury, Birth Of Photography, etc
10. Ch 9 1839 Queen Elizabeth's Statue, The Ladies Of The Bed-chamber, etc
11. Ch 10 1839 The Eglinton Tournament, Sale Of Armour, etc
12. Ch 11 1839 The Chartists: Their Going To Church, Dissolution Of The Convention, etc
13. Ch 12 1840 Commencement Of Penny Post, Postage Stamps, etc
14. Ch 13 1840 The Mulready Envelope, Plans Of Royal Exchange Decided On, etc
15. Ch 14 1840 Lord Cardigan And The "Black Bottle" Case, Lord Cardigan's Duel With Lieut. Tuckett, etc
16. Ch 15 1841 Death Of Scott The American Diver, Prince Albert's Ducking, etc
17. Ch 16 1841 Story Of An Irish Informer, Steam Cars, etc
18. Ch 17 1842 Foundation Of Royal Exchange Laid, Medal Connected Therewith, etc
19. Ch 18 1842 The Royal "Bal Costume", The Queen Shot At By Francis And By Bean
20. Ch 19 1843 Murder Of Mr. Drummond, Rebecca And Her Daughters, etc
21. Ch 20 1843 Gretna Green Parsons, Number Of Marriages, etc
22. Ch 21 1843 Exhibition Of Cartoons, A Duel, etc
23. Ch 22 1844 A Child For Sale, Trial Of Daniel O'Connell, etc
24. Ch 23 1844 An English Dinner, Consols At Par, etc
25. Ch 24 1845 Murder By Tawell, Curious Story, etc
26. Ch 25 1845 The Queen's Costume Ball, Copper Coinage Of William IV, etc
27. Ch 26 1845 The Railway Mania, Deposit Of Plans
28. Ch 27 1846 Collapse Of The Railway Mania, Sheriffs' Officers, etc
29. Ch 28 1846 The Last Post Office Bell-man, The "Corn Law" Act, etc
30. Ch 29 1847 Medals for The Army And Navy, Grenville Library, etc

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    "I have written this Gossip not only for the edification of those to whom a portion, more or less, may be news, but for those who, like myself, have lived through the whole of Queen Victoria's reign, to whom the remembrance of things, almost forgotten, may bring pleasure and excite interest. The items, herein displayed, have been gathered from many sources, and their authenticity is guaranteed by giving the name of the authority whence they were taken, in very many instances ipsissima verba, as paraphrasing would rob them of their freshness and individuality. (From Author’s Preface) Gossip here should be understood as informal, unrestrained talk or writing, esp. about people or social incidents. (Shorter Oxford English Dictionary). John Ashton was an historian and a prolific writer, unjustly forgotten, of social mores, customs, and daily life of the English Regency as well as before and after. This book about Victoria’s early reign is the last of some thirty books about various preceding eras. The chapter titles here contain only a couple of the many interesting people and events contained in the chapter.