God Goes to Murderer's Row cover

God Goes to Murderer's Row

Rev. M. Raymond (1903-1990)

1. My Vindication
2. Chief Price is Uneasy
3. God Gathers His Instruments
4. 'Most Likely I'll Burn'
5. Sentenced to Birth
6. Solitary Confinement
7. Birthdays in the Deathhouse
8. Satan in the Cell Block
9. God Gives Compensation
10. Deeper Depths and Broader Horizons
11. Christmas Gifts
12. Out of the Devil's Clutches
13. Into the Hands of God
14. Last Day on Earth
15. The Dead Live - and Work

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The Hound of Heaven stalks the death house in pursuit of the soul of a modern Dismas in this true story of a doomed criminal who found God in the solitude of a prison. The author, Father Raymond, was a Trappist monk from Gethsemani, Kentucky. He was a well known author of such books as "The Man Who Got Even With God", "The Family That Overtook Christ", and many others.