The Glugs of Gosh cover

The Glugs of Gosh

C. J. Dennis (1876-1938)

1. Glugs of Gosh 01-02
2. Glugs of Gosh 03-04
3. Glugs of Gosh 05-06
4. Glugs of Gosh 07-08
5. Glush of Gosh 09-10
6. Glugs of Gosh 11-13

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First published in 1917, The Glugs of Gosh satirizes Australian life at the start of the twentieth century – but the absurdities it catalogs seem just as prevalent at the start of the twenty-first. The foolishness of kings, the arrogance of the elite, the gullibility of crowds, the pride of the self-righteous, the unthinking following of tradition – all find themselves the targets of C. J. Dennis’ biting wit.