Glinda of Oz cover

Glinda of Oz

L. Frank Baum (1856-1919)

1. 01 – The Call to Duty
2. 02 – Ozma and Dorothy
3. 03 – The Mist Maidens
4. 04 – The Magic Tent
5. 05 – The Magic Stairway
6. 06 – Flathead Mountain
7. 07 – The Magic Isle
8. 08 – Queen Coo-ee-oh
9. 09 – Lady Aurex
10. 10 – Under Water
11. 11 – The Conquest of the Skeezers
12. 12 – The Diamond Swan
13. 13 – The Alarm Bell
14. 14 – Ozma’s Counsellors
15. 15 – The Great Sorceress
16. 16 – The Enchanted Fishes
17. 17 – Under the Great Dome
18. 18 – The Cleverness of Erivc
19. 19 – Red Reera, the Yookoohoo
20. 20 – A Puzzling Problem
21. 21 – The Three Adepts
22. 22 – The Sunken Island
23. 23 – The Magic Words
24. 24 – Glinda’s Triumph

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Glinda of Oz is the fourteenth Land of Oz book and is the last one written by the original author L. Frank Baum, although the series was continued after his death by several other authors.Dorothy and Ozma discover that a war is brewing in a distant and unexplored part of Oz, between two mysterious races, the Flatheads and the Skeezers. The girls set out to try to prevent the fighting, not knowing what dangers await them.



- review

This young reader is very good in the way he narrates the story. It will help him eventualy, if he keeps in mind to maintain his volume level and tempo. Sometimes it is difficult to follow, to hear him.

Tommy Muller

- Glinda of Oz

A pretty good book. The voice could be better, but the story was great!

Rebecca Mortwiz

- recording

It was such a wonderful voice with a wonderful story. but, unfortunately,the recording was not clear so I gave 2 at the end.

Thomason Cheng

- Student

I like it, it has all kinds of the story that I want.


- Review

Luke starts this fun book off with a very good narration. Then after settling in with his voice they change narrators. Several people are reading this book. I personally prefer 1 narrator per book. The book is fun and adventitious.