Georgica cover


Virgil (70 BC - 19 BC)

1. 01 - Liber primus, pars prima
2. 02 - Liber primus, pars secunda
3. 03 - Liber secundus pars prima
4. 04 - Liber secundus, pars secunda
5. 05 - Liber tertius, pars prima
6. 06 - Liber tertius, pars secunda
7. 07 - Liber quartus, pars prima
8. 08 - Liber quartus, pars secunda

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Vergil's Georgica is the culmination of a long tradition in antiquity of poems about agriculture, beginning with Hesiod in the eighth c. BC. His poem is a rich admixture of allusion to that tradition: didactic poem, eulogium of Augustus, the neoteric epyllion about Orpheus, Epicurean philosophy as presented by his predecessor and model, Lucretius. Thomas Jefferson imagined his gentleman farmer tilling his fields with a copy of the Georgics between the handles of the plowshare.