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Generation of Animals

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Generation of Animals (or On the Generation of Animals; Greek: Περὶ ζῴων γενέσεως (Peri Zoion Geneseos); Latin: De Generatione Animalium)

Book 1: Sexual Parts, Semen & Sexual Generation
Book 2: Sexes, Embryo Development & Sterility
Book 3: Birds, Fish, Cephalopods, Insects, Bees & Testacea
Book 4: Causes of Sex, Heredity & Teratology
Book 5: Distinction between Necessity and the Final Cause

Charles Darwin wrote: "Linnaeus and Cuvier have been my two gods, though in very different ways, but they were mere schoolboys to old Aristotle." (Life and Letters, vol. iii, p. 252) - Summary by Geoffrey Edwards

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