Further Chronicles of Avonlea (version 2) (Dramatic Reading) cover

Further Chronicles of Avonlea (version 2) (Dramatic Reading)

Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942)

1. Preface
2. Story 1 - Aunt Cynthia's Persian Cat
3. Story 2 - The Materializing of Cecil
4. Story 3 - Her Father's Daughter
5. Story 4 - Jane's Baby
6. Story 5 - The Dream Child
7. Story 6 - The Brother who Failed
8. Story 7 - The Return of Hester
9. Story 8 - The Little Brown Book of Miss Emily
10. Story 9 - Sara's Way
11. Story 10 - The Son of His Mother
12. Story 11 - The Education of Betty
13. Story 12 - In her Selfless Mood
14. Story 13 - The Conscience Case of David Bell
15. Story 14 - Only a Common Fellow
16. Story 15 - Tannis of the Flats

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    After her famed book "Anne of Green Gables," Lucy Maud Montgomery continued her stories in "Chronicles of Avonlea" followed by "Further Chronicles of Avonlea." The book includes fifteen short and entertaining, funny, and romantic stories. She brings back old characters such as Anne, Rachel Lynde, and Matthew Cuthbert, although most of the stories are focused around new characters living in Avonlea.


    Very Good!

    - April 18,2016

    I just like it so much! I did not know this was a book.

    further chronicles of avonlea

    How nice to get this book. I hadn't seen it before, tho I love this author. And how nice to have the audio and save my eyes. I recognize sabella denton as the reader. I enjoyed her on some other books and think she's top notch. Thankyou sabella.


    I enjoyed this book. The reader really gets into the story.