From Sunrise Land cover

From Sunrise Land

Amy Wilson Carmichael (1867-1951)

1. Introductory Notes
2. I. From Albert Docks to Shanghai
3. II. From Shanghai to Matsuye
4. III. Mission Tour No. 1
5. IV. With the Power of God Behind It
6. V. I Cannot! Can God? God Can!
7. VI. Across Japan by Kuruma
8. VII. Kyoto, and Onwards
9. VIII. Torches, Thoughts, & a Typhoon
10. IX. Out of — Into
11. X. Birthday Gifts
12. XI. Christmas & New Year in Sunrise Land
13. XII. Unto Him Be Glory
14. XIII. Co-Workers
15. XIV. To Osaka & Back
16. XV. Not Yet — Ere Long
17. XVI. "Never Heard These Honourable Words"
18. XVII. Scraps — Very Much So
19. XVIII. "It Will Be a Seed"
20. XIX. With One Bare Telling
21. XX. On With the Message
22. XXI. Christ is Conqueror
23. XXII. Amen. Hallelujah!

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One of the most renowned of all Protestant Christian missionaries, Amy Carmichael is remembered most for the fifty-five years she spent doing evangelistic and philanthropic work in India. She began her missions career, however, with fifteen months in Japan before falling ill, returning to Ireland, and then returning to Asia with her focus on India. This collection of letters is a record of that time in Japan, and is fascinating not only for its biographical interest but also for its insights into the rapidly-changing life of fin de siècle Japan and the status of its small unpopular handful of Christian converts, in the same era when Lafcadio Hearn was recording his observations from a very different perspective. Far from free of racial and religious prejudice, Carmichael's record is still heartfelt, revealing, and noteworthy in ways that she certainly would never have intended or expected.