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#1 - Sec 1 Across Europe

From Pole to Pole: A Book for Young People

Download Sec 2 Constantinople to Teheran (1905) audio
Download Sec 3 Through the Caucasus, Persia, and Mesopotamia (1885-6) audio
Download Sec 4 The Persian Desert (1906) audio
Download Sec 5 On the Kirghiz Steppe (1893-5) audio
Download Sec 6 From Persia to India (1906) audio
Download Sec 7 Eastern Turkestan (1895) audio
Download Sec 8 The Western Waterway (1899) audio
Download Sec 9 In the Forbidden Land (1901-2) audio
Download Sec 11 From India to China (1908) audio
Download Sec 14 Back to Europe audio
Download Sec 15 Stockholm to Egypt audio
Download Sec 16 Africa, part 1 audio
Download Sec 17 Africa, part 2 audio
Download Sec 18 Africa, Part 3 audio
Download Sec 19 North America, part 1 audio
Download Sec 20 North America, part 2 audio
Download Sec 21 South America audio
Download Sec 22 In the South Seas audio
Download Sec 23 The North Polar Regions audio
Download Sec 24 The South Polar Regions audio
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This book was first published in 1912. It is a simplified English translation of the author's Från pol till pol: genom Asien och Europa (Bonnier, Stockholm, 1911).

Part 1 tells of Hedin's own extensive travels across Europe and Asia. Hedin visited Turkey, the Caucasus, Tehran, Iraq, lands of the Kyrgyz people and the Russian Far East, India, China and Japan. He provides fascinating descriptions of cities and peoples and events in the closing years of the 19th century. It's a fascinating travelogue.

Part 2 recounts the stories of other great explorers/adventurers/villains: Gordon at Khartoum, Livingstone and Stanley in Africa, the destruction of the Inca empire by Pizzaro, hunting the blue whale in southern waters, Shackleton's near miss of the South Pole...even a mention of Alexander Selkirk, as an excuse for retailing the adventures of Robinson Crusoe. It's a very mixed bag, designed to appeal "to young people." (Summary by Steven Seitel)

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