From Alien To Citizen cover

From Alien To Citizen

Edward A. Steiner (1866-1956)

1. Preface
2. Prophecy and Fulfilment
3. The Comparative Steerage
4. The Voyage in a " Nutshell "
5. The Last Landing and the First
6. Looking for Work and the First Sunday
7. In the Sweat Shop
8. Learning English and Going to Princeton
9. An Involuntary Tolstoyan
10. Westward Ho!
11. Pittsburgh Then and Now
12. Justified Faith
13. In Darkest Pittsburgh
14. From Steel to Coal
15. Criminal Immigrant
16. How Tramps Are Made
17. The Gate into Chicago
18. Among the Bohemians
19. The Great Harvest Fields
20. Mine No. 3
21. An Irish Providence
22. A Turning Point
23. The School of the Rabbis
24. The School of the Prophets
25. From Alien to Citizen
26. My First Parish
27. The Lower Town Church
28. The Lower Town Parsonage
29. The Church of the Three Problems
30. The Magic Watch
31. The Chair of Applied Christianity

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Edward Steiner spent his life figuring out how America manages to take in aliens from all over the world, who bring with them a huge diversity of beliefs, habits, ethics, prejudices, expectations, etc., throws them into the "melting pot", and within a few generations most are shaped into full blooded Americans. This rarely happens in Europe, where people move from country to country but rarely become countrymen. Steiner, a wonderful writer, relates his own experience as a young penniless immigrant who, after becoming successful, devoted his life to helping newcomers adjust, lecturing around the world and writing numerous books on immigration. This one is his personal story: his arduous trek from home country to the American "sweat shop, the mills and mines with their grinding labor, the open courts, the jail, the open road with its dangers", experiences in American homes and schools and the Christian Church, his evolution from Jew to Christian minister, University Professor, and immigration scholar. ~