Frey and his Wife cover

Frey and his Wife

Maurice Henry Hewlett (1861-1923)

1. Who and what was Ogmund Ravensson and why called Ogmund Dint
2. How Ogmund Dint did nothing, and presently sailed home to Thwartwater, and what Battle-Glum thought about it all
3. Of King Olaf Trygvasson, and of Sigurd Helming and Gunnar, his brother
4. Ogmund Dint comes again to Norway, and meets Gunnar on the Hard of Drontheim
5. Ogmund Dint satisfies himself, and sails Home
6. The Hue-and-Cry for Halward Neck
7. Gunnar crosses the Mountains
8. Gunnar in the Forest hears tell of Frey and his Wonders
9. Gunnar meets with Frey. Concerning Frey's Wife
10. Talk between Gunnar and Sigrid
11. Gunnar turns Frey about against Frey's Will
12. The Winter Feasts
13. Frey makes Ready to go his Rounds
14. Frey Starts on his Rounds
15. The Snowstorm
16. Marriage of Sigrid
17. Morrow of the Storm
18. News of Frey reaches Norway
19. Sigurd in Sweden. The Battle of the Ford
20. The End of the Tale

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Frey and his Wife is a Nordic Saga, but written in a saga style by a 20th Century Englishman. It tells the tale of Gunnar, a Norwegian wrongly accused of murder who flees across the mountains to the pagan forests of Sweden. There he meets 'Frey' a Norse god, and a young woman who has become his wife. Animosity develops between Frey and Gunnar over the local ritual of human sacrifice which leads to an interesting outcome. The tale develops themes of religion, idolatory, and love, set in the time when Christianity was starting to displace pagan religion in Scandinavia. (Kevin Green)



- Frey and his Wife

Good little story, take a bit to get into. Well narrated by Kevin Green.