Frenzied Fiction cover

Frenzied Fiction

Stephen Leacock (1869-1944)

1. 01 – My Revelations as a Spy
2. 02 – Father Knickerbocker: A Fantasy
3. 03 – The Prophet in Our Midst
4. 04 – Personal Adventures in the Spirit World
5. 05 – Sorrows of a Summer Guest
6. 06 – To Nature and Back Again
7. 07 – The Cave-Man as He is
8. 08 – Ideal Interviews
9. 09 – The New Education
10. 10 – The Errors of Santa Claus
11. 11 – Lost in New York
12. 12 – This Strenuous Age
13. 13 – The Old, Old Story of How Five Men Went Fishing
14. 14 – Back from the Land
15. 15 – The Perplexity Column as Done by the Jaded Journalist
16. 16 – Simple Stories of Success, or How to Succeed in Life
17. 17 – In Dry Toronto
18. 18 – Merry Christmas

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From the cave man to Santa Claus; spies, know-it-alls, and journalists: all are fair game for Leacock’s special brand of humor. He touches on the changes time has brought about in the city, education, and work habits. Among the other topics in this work are nature, fishing, gardening, success, and spirits–both of the departed and of the variety Prohibition prohibited.Each chapter of this book is a standalone story and if you love a good laugh, these stories are for you. In me, Leacock’s wit produced the full range of laughter: smiles, chuckles, guffaws, and some uncontrollable giggles. Also, occasionally, I found myself shedding a tear or two. (Review by Debra Lynn)