Audiobook: Four Science Fiction Novellas

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Four Science Fiction Novellas

1 - The Copper-Clad World, Chapter 1


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The Copper-Clad World: Blaine awakes to find himself deep inside Jupiter’s 5th moon Io.
Creatures of Vibration: Space vagabonds meet the vibration maddened people of Saturn’s satellite Titan.
Vulcan's Workshop Luke Fenton gets sentenced to 6 months hard labor at Vulcan’s workshop to mine radioactive ore. Fenton’s goal is to get revenge. The small plantoid Vulcan has 5 times earth's’ gravity and orbits between the Sun and Mercury.
Wanderer of Infinity: The Wanderer is an alien who is dedicated to saving worlds from inter-dimensional conquest. When earth is threatened by spider-like aliens the Wanderer enlists the help of a human to save the world. The Wanderer reminds one of our present-day Dr. Who. - Summary by kirk202

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