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Flowers of Freethought (First Series)

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A collection of 51 short essays by George William Foote, who in May 1881 founded the magazine "The Freethinker", which is still published (online) today. In the first issue, Foote writes: The Freethinker is an anti-Christian organ, and must therefore be chiefly aggressive. It will wage relentless war against superstition in general, and against Christian superstition in particular.

The essays of this collection were previously published in "The Freethinker" over more than 10 years, and detail Foote's views on religion and Christianity. He writes about as diverse topics as specific stories from the Bible, the devil, blasphemy and heretics, miracles, the weather, and the view of Christianity on women. What unites these essays is Foote's conviction that atheism is the logical and natural position with respect to religion and gods. (Summary by Ava)

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