Five Minute Stories cover

Five Minute Stories

Laura E. Richards (1850-1943)

1. Betty
2. Two Calls
3. A New Year Song
4. New Year
5. A Lesson Song
6. The Rubber Baby
7. The Red, White and Blue
8. Totty’s Christmas
9. A Certain Boy
10. The New Sister
11. Buttercup Gold
12. One Afternoon
13. The Stove
14. John’s Sister
15. New Year Song
16. What Was Her Name
17. A Lesson Song
18. The Patient Cat
19. Mathematics
20. By the Fading Light
21. Tobogganing Song
22. Song of the Tilt
23. The Lazy Robin
24. The Boy’s Manners
25. Merry Christmas
26. Rinktum
27. In the Tunnel
28. Practising Song
29. Queen Elizabeth’s Dance
30. A Storming Party
31. At the Little Boy’s Home
32. Then and Now
33. Pleasant Walk
34. A Great Day
35. A Pastoral
36. Riches
37. Poverty
38. The Best of All
39. A Study Hour
40. The Young Ladies
41. The Weathercock
42. Ichthyology
43. A Happy Morning
44. Lilies and Cat-Tails
45. The Metals
46. The Howlery Growlery Room
47. The Speckled Hen
48. The Money Shop
49. A Long Afternoon
50. The Jacket
51. The Fireworks
52. Jingle
53. See-Saw
54. Nancy’s Nightmare
55. Amy’s Valentine
56. Once Upon a Time
57. The Pathetic Ballad of Clarinthia Jane Louisa
58. A Day in the Country
59. Goosey Lucy
60. Goosey Lucy’s New Year’s Calls
61. Three Little Birds
62. The Quacky Duck
63. New Year Thoughts
64. Nonsense
65. The Singular Chicken
66. The Clever Parson
67. The Purple Fish
68. Mr. Somebody
69. A Christmas Ride
70. A Funny Fellow
71. Woffsky-Poffsky
72. April and the Children
73. The Snowball
74. A Great Fight
75. Hallelujah!
76. Lullaby
77. Merry Christmas
78. The Little Dog with the Green Tail
79. Naughty
80. Hard Times
81. On the Steeple
82. Naughty Billy
83. A Lad
84. Saint Valentine’s House
85. The Gentleman
86. A Leap Year Boy
87. King Pippin
88. The Story of the Crimson Crab
89. Mother’s Riddle
90. King John
91. The Spotty Cow
92. The Button Pie
93. The Inquisitive Ducks
94. Queen Matilda
95. The Two-Shoes Chair
96. Ethelred the Unready
97. Poor Bonny
98. The Husking of the Corn
99. The Clever Cheese-Maker
100. The Spelling Lesson
101. The Person who Did Not Like Cats

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    Another collection of poems and short stories by Laura Richards. Yes, these are all short and mostly all delightfully innocent and sweet. Some have a moral for little children, and some are just funny or poignant or educational, but all are a peek into the way of life of a century ago when children lived a slower and possibly happier life and kids loved to be read a story at bedtime. No cell phones or TV, just a loving connection between parent and child. So if you want to see what it was like to listen to a story or a poem from a simpler time, just pick one from the great variety here, turn down the lamp and settle down to enjoy the warm glow of good old fashioned story tellin'.