Fighting the Whales cover

Fighting the Whales

Robert Michael Ballantyne (1825-1894)

1. 01 In Trouble, To Begin With.
2. 02 At Sea.
3. 03 Our First Battle.
4. 04 ‘Cutting-in the Blubber’ and ‘Trying out the Oil’.
5. 05 A Storm, a Man Overboard, and a Rescue.
6. 06 The Whale – Fighting Bulls, Etc.
7. 07 Tom’s Wisdom – Another Great Battle.
8. 08 Death on the Sea.
9. 09 News from Home – A Gam.
10. 10 Return Home.

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A fatherless boy joins the crew of a whaling ship in order to earn a living for himself and his mother. Beyond being a fascinating depiction of a now-alien time, occupation, and culture, it’s also a rousing adventure story. One is left with the impression that hunting and catching a whale in a sailing ship was akin to you or me being stalked, ambushed, and killed by a shoebox full of mice.