Favourite Chapters Collection 3 cover

Favourite Chapters Collection 3


1. The Trial by Jury, as Defined by Magna Carta – Part 1
2. The Allegory of The Cave from Book 7 of The Republic
3. The Canterville Ghost – Chapter V
4. Night And Day – Chapter 18
5. Daniel Deronda – Chapter 22
6. Sense and Sensibility – Chapter 44
7. Villette – Chapter 4 – Miss Marchmont
8. Mansfield Park – Chapter 2
9. Where Angels Fear To Tread – Chapter 4
10. North and South – Chapter 3 – The More Haste, the Worse Speed
11. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Chapter 1 – Down the Rabbit Hole

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A collection favourite chapters across all audio books. Some were chosen for being the key chapter in a great novel, others for the wonderful clarity with which great ideas are expressed, and still others because the reader did a wonderful job. Whatever the reason they were chosen, we hope you enjoy this enlightening compilation.