Fame and Fortune Weekly No. 6: Building a Railroad cover

#1 - Ch 1 The Railroad Contract

Fame and Fortune Weekly No. 6: Building a Railroad

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Download Ch 3 The Fight at the Foot of the Cliff audio
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Download Ch 9 Face to Face with Death audio
Download Ch 10 Saved by Love audio
Download Ch 12 The Face of Jim Kelso audio
Download Ch 13 A Startling Discovery audio
Download Ch 14 The Proposition Jim Kelso Made to Andrew Newman audio
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Don and Gil Winthrop inherited their father's business to construct a railroad in a developing location in upstate New York. Engineers themselves, though young, they decided to carry on his work despite their inexperience. They have to fight their way through troubles instigated by a competing contractor, and a vindictive foreman of his who holds a dark secret of his own. (Summary by Keith Salis)

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