Fables in Rhyme for Little Folks (version 2) cover

Fables in Rhyme for Little Folks (version 2)

Jean de La Fontaine (1621-1695)

1. A preface for parents
2. The frog who wished to be as big as the ox. The grasshopper and the ant. The cat and the fox.
3. The hen with the golden eggs. The dog and his image. The acorn and the pumpkin.
4. The raven and the fox. The city mouse and the country mouse. The lion and the gnat.
5. The dove and the ant. The fox and the grapes. The ass in the lion's skin.
6. The fox and the stork. The monkey and the cat. The hare and the tortoise.
7. The heron who was hard to please. The raven who would rival the eagle. The miller, his son and the ass.

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    This is a short book which collects together 18 charming fables, written in rhyme and intended to be enjoyed by children. Based on stories which were originally written in French by Jean de la Fontaine, these quirky fables are sure to entertain people of all ages.