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#1 - 01 - It May Be That She Is Working Still

Ester Ried Yet Speaking

Download 01 - It May Be That She Is Working Still audio
Download 02 - What Did It All Amount To, Anyhow? audio
Download 03 - Anything Uncommon About Me? audio
Download 04 - I Don't Blame Them audio
Download 05 - A Christian Home audio
Download 06 - Satan He Has 'Em All The Week audio
Download 07 - What A Little Schemer It Is audio
Download 08 - What Would You Do, Dear? audio
Download 09 - "Tremendous Facts!" He Said audio
Download 10 - And She Always Tried audio
Download 11 - I Have But To Try Again audio
Download 12 - I Want Them To Get Used To Parlors audio
Download 13 - Let Us Be Fashionable audio
Download 14 - "Something's Happened!" audio
Download 15 - What Made Her Different? audio
Download 16 - Here Was His Opportunity audio
Download 17 - I Wonder What They're All After audio
Download 18 - Yourn's The Way audio
Download 19 - We Have Begun Backwards audio
Download 20 - Oh, What A Nice Thought! audio
Download 21 - Had His Experiment Been Too Severe? audio
Download 22 - Some People Are Hard To Warn audio
Download 23 - Part Of The Great Well-To-Do World audio
Download 24 - For You Don't Know What May Come audio
Download 25 - What Do You Hope To Accomplish? audio
Download 26 - "O Lord, Take Dirk Too!" audio
Download 27 - An Awful Problem audio
Download 28 - May She Go With Me? audio
Download 29 - What If I Belonged? audio
Download 30 - It Is No Made-Up Affair audio
Download 31 - Their Works Do Follow Them audio
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Authored by Isabella M. Alden under the pen name "Pansy." Fourth in the Chautauqua Girls series. Alfred Ried (brother of Ester Ried from that series) wants to help the hundreds of poor street boys in his city to come to faith and improve their conditions, but is discouraged and overwhelmed with the task. Enter Flossy (Shipley) Roberts, a willing worker who focuses on 7 such boys and especially on one. (Note: While the title suggests this to be in the Ester Ried series and does intersect it, it actually fits better into the Chautauqua Girls series.) (Summary by TriciaG)

Previous book in series: Ruth Erskine's Crosses
Next book in series: Judge Burnham's Daughters

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